Innovative Retirement Solutions

Optimum Pensions was launched with a single mission -
to help Australians lead a comfortable retirement.

Our lifetime income solutions complement traditional retirement income products as they manage longevity risk.
A Real Lifetime Pension can provide an income for life with consistently higher returns than current lifetime annuities in the market – no matter how long you live in retirement.

The Longevity Problem

Australians are some of the longest-living people in the world, and the threat of people outliving their assets is real. Longevity protection offers increased security and greater peace of mind for retirees.

A Better Lifetime

The Real Lifetime Pension has been designed to provide longevity protection with a higher income and greater flexibility than a conventional annuity. This can help retirees enjoy their retirement, remove the fear of outliving their savings and trying to live the lifestyle they want on the income from an Age Pension and/or an Account Base Pension provides.

A Great Lifetime Income Stream

The Real Lifetime Pension enables superannuation funds to offer their members a lifetime income stream with lower costs and lower fees than traditional longevity products as it leverages the fund’s existing investment management, administration and additional service providers. The longevity guarantee provided by a global reinsurer, means retirees dont need to worry about running out of savings if they live beyond their life expectancy. This new approach also keeps the member and the assets with a superannuation fund for life.

How long should my retirement income last?

Estimate your personal life expectancy with the Optimum Pensions Lifespan Calculator to understand how long you could need your retirement income to last.

With longevity risk underwritten by one of the world’s largest reinsurers, Hannover Re, Optimum Pensions enables superannuation funds to provide a trusted retirement income product for their members.

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Generation Life partners with Optimum Pensions to deliver our innovative Investment Link Lifetime Annuities solution, helping Australian’s plan for their financial future and live the lifestyle they desire in retirement.

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